A dear friend of mine managed to break 2 of her fingers (poor girl). To make matters worse it was the fingers on her dominant hand, so needless to say things have been a bit tricky. Particularly when attempting her favourite hobby: cleaning.

Whenever I have injured myself, one of the first things I notice is how much I use that part of my body, followed by profound gratitude for the good times when it was in full working order.
But these experiences have also given me an incentive to use my left side more. So I have been swapping sides for a while and I worked out that any difficulties faced was because I was trying to apply the same principles to the left, to the right. So for example wiping down surfaces was a nightmare.
Which brings me to the Miyagi technique- ‘wax on wax off’. When the Karate Kid used his right hand to ‘wax on’ he went clockwise. When he ‘waxed off’ he went anti clockwise. Now my issue was I was trying to go in the same direction as my right hand: clockwise. So I flipped it, ‘waxed off’ Mr. Miyagi stylee and it was easy peasy.
How often do we find ourselves fighting against the natural flow of things, when all it takes is a moment to see where ‘it’ is flowing and go with it? ….if you feel like a challenge then I invite you to try using your non-dominant hand when you are doing a spot of cleaning smile emoticon

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