The donkey and the carrot

Have you ever felt inches away from reaching a goal yet there is always something getting in the way? I am always investigating ways to overcome obstacles, so when I noticed this pattern in myself and couldn’t seem to shift it, I would moan about life’s tests. How “everything is so HARD!” and that the things I want in life are just too unrealistic…which is what led me to think of the donkey and the carrot. The concept that what you want is dangling in front of you but you can never quite reach it, even though you are moving forward.

During the period of trying to work ‘stuff’ out I came across a book that broke it down: if you want something then you will continually experience the feeling of wanting it, but not actually having it. Of course! So I started being mindful about how I put things out there, especially the complaining about what I DON’T want/have, but being grateful for it. Taking visualisation further, I stepped into the vision and experiencing that joy and gratitude of already having it. With practice, I found things started to align in the right time, all those affirmations and prayers seem to pay off.

I started to look at how I had felt about the donkey and carrot and re-examined if the carrot-dangler is really a cruel owner that wants a free ride on my back? who is the carrot dangler? Is the carrot just a mirage? I realised that they were all me and all I had to do was make a simple shift in perspective and language. Naturally, once one goal is completed there will come another and more tests will follow. But by having the right ‘tools’, those times of doubt and pessimism become shorter and the journey can be an enjoyable experience.


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