The Fruits of procrastination…

So the other day I was furiously cleaning my cooker, fully aware that I had my admin to do. I had already been through the process of why I was putting this task off and just because I was actively cleaning didn’t mean I was being productive: the admin is still going to be there when I have finished.

Then I started to think that maybe procrastination isn’t such a bad thing as I was still DOING something (unless you are stationary whilst procrastinating- that’s different). For some of you it might not be cleaning, it might be doing other little jobs that have been on the back burner and now suddenly have the motivation to do, because you don’t want to do what you ought to be doing.(make sense?)

Now I am not for a moment suggesting that we should all avoid what we are supposed to be doing but rather, if you are going to procrastinate, have an agenda. So for example, while I was cleaning the cooker, I started to think about what had to be done and visualised how I was going to approach my admin. NB: its important to feel good when visualising, that way the task feels lighter and dare I say, FUN.Once I had gone through that internal process I got straight on to it. No dramas. What’s more, not only did I do my tasks with a clear head, I also had a shiny cooker to look at afterwards. Result.

And the point is…?
Try not to beat yourself up about procrastinating. Rather, find a different/productive way to use that time.

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