On being “Positively Selfish” –(Sarah Cookie Merrifield)

I’ve noticed that ‘selfishness’ gets a lot of bad press so I am aiming to shed some new light on the subject. So. Immediately when we hear the word ‘selfishness’ we associated it with mean , ‘Scrooge’ like people who ONLY think of their needs, usually resulting in others losing out.
However there are other versions of selfishness that is less stigmatised and also integral for those who are on the journey to being the best they can be. A common version is that you HAVE to be selfish in order to achieve your dreams and ambitons. You HAVE to take time for the ‘self’ otherwise you end up burning yourself out. You may even become resentful of spending that energy elsewhere because your own needs aren’t being met.
I always refer to the emergency card you get in the airplane seats. They emphasise putting on your own mask first before you start to assist others (your own children are included in these ‘others’) , You don’t have to be a parent to naturally protest that you would want to make sure the more vulnerable are safe first, before you get your mask on. This is an example of being ‘Positively Selfish’ because you can’t help anyone when you are gasping for air yourself! The idea is to quickly sort yourself out first so you can SUCCESSFULLY assist others. The same goes for life in general. By allowing yourself to be number one on your list you can ENSURE your needs are met i.e. getting enough sleep, turning off your phone for a bit, socialising if YOU feel like it. Once that is done you have enough energy to put into the outside world, without the resentment.
And the point is…?
Take some ‘guilt-free’ time out for yourself!

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