Being raised as an only child, I suffer with impatience. I say ‘suffer’ because sometimes when my impatience has sabotaged my ‘good’, it felt like something outside of myself was responsible.
However when I did some research (on myself) I realised that yes, being an only child can contribute however I looked at HOW impatience contributed to ruining aspects of my life. This is what I came up with:
Panic: Feeling out of control if certain things weren’t done in a specific amount of time. Anger/Frustration: driving behind slow people, always being in a rush to get somewhere-even if I was on time. Unworthiness: People taking long to get back to me when I had reached out to them. ‘Long’ being anything from 10 mins upwards.
Findings: The common link was that it was all based on my own stuff. I wasn’t taking the time to get out of my own head. For example, the person I reached out to could genuinely be busy/unwell etc, the driver in front may be lost and is the reason he is driving so slowly. After that thought, came a bit of compassion.
Once I started taking the time to ‘check’ myself, I was able to look at what I was feeling and then push through to find the rational thought, which in turn brought about positive outcomes. The beauty of doing something over again is it becomes a habit, so patience becomes a natural ability.
And the point is…?
“When you know you can be successful you don’t need to hurry. You can enjoy the journey” –Paul McKenna

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