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  • Therapy for the Mind

    They just haven't tapped into their greatness yet You ever have those moments when you’re just mad at the world? Not for any particular reason but you’re just in a mood (ladies you may feel me on this one) . Then the minor things that irritate you seem so much bigger….followed by anyone who even […]
  • Deadheading

    My mum and I were having a chat about life and the universe etc and yet again it was highlighted that we have completely different perspectives. For example, certain life choices I have made along the way may seem erratic or impulsive to others, but for me it is all about the experience, which is […]
  • The donkey and the carrot

    Have you ever felt inches away from reaching a goal yet there is always something getting in the way? I am always investigating ways to overcome obstacles, so when I noticed this pattern in myself and couldn't seem to shift it, I would moan about life’s tests. How “everything is so HARD!” and that the […]
  • Mind Training

    DID YOU KNOW THAT YOU HAVE THE POWER TO DO AND HAVE ANYTHING YOU WANTED? It really all comes down to the power of the mind and how well you train it, like any muscle in the body. For those of you who go to the gym, you may relate to this: initially when you […]
  • Self-esteem Vs Confidence

    Despite my years in studying and working in psychology, I only recently did some delving into this subject. My intrigue was sparked by a conversation with a fellow therapist as we sought to understand the difference between self-esteem and confidence. We had decided between us, that it is possible to be confident in certain areas […]

    A dear friend of mine managed to break 2 of her fingers (poor girl). To make matters worse it was the fingers on her dominant hand, so needless to say things have been a bit tricky. Particularly when attempting her favourite hobby: cleaning. Whenever I have injured myself, one of the first things I notice […]

    The Fruits of procrastination... So the other day I was furiously cleaning my cooker, fully aware that I had my admin to do. I had already been through the process of why I was putting this task off and just because I was actively cleaning didn’t mean I was being productive: the admin is still […]
  • On being “Positively Selfish” –(Sarah Cookie Merrifield)

    I’ve noticed that ‘selfishness’ gets a lot of bad press so I am aiming to shed some new light on the subject. So. Immediately when we hear the word ‘selfishness’ we associated it with mean , ‘Scrooge’ like people who ONLY think of their needs, usually resulting in others losing out. However there are other […]

    Being raised as an only child, I suffer with impatience. I say 'suffer' because sometimes when my impatience has sabotaged my ‘good’, it felt like something outside of myself was responsible. However when I did some research (on myself) I realised that yes, being an only child can contribute however I looked at HOW impatience […]
  • Focusing on your OWN energy

    I have been thinking a about the importance of building the core strength, faith and positive energy, especially when it comes to interactions with others. In the past, I often found my moods changing to match my surroundings, particularly if it is negative. This was explored in more depth when I did a 2 week […]