Mind Training


It really all comes down to the power of the mind and how well you train it, like any muscle in the body.
For those of you who go to the gym, you may relate to this: initially when you think about joining up you may come up with a bunch of reasons (excuses) why you cant start at that time. Then eventually you give in and that first time may be a bit sluggish- but by the end of the first session you are so proud of yourself for going and of course all those happy feel-good chemicals are surging through your body. Then before you know it, you’ve moved in. The same goes for mind training. It can be a very enjoyable experience: Especially when you tell yourself it is, every day!

And that’s first step: START SAYING NICE THINGS TO YOURSELF ALL OF THE TIME! Make this a new habit-even if it feels like sheer lies at the time, keep going! After just 3 days you will see the results and also on route to establishing a new habit that will stick.
Equally learn to take compliments.
My family laugh at me all the time as whenever someone compliments me for something, I agree with them profusely, as if I were talking about someone else. Example:
Mate: Gabby your hair looks so nice like that.
Me: I know, right!? That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking when I looked in the mirror this morning, thank you for noticing. Mmwwauh!
We all then erupt into laughter as it sounds better in person. But also because even though I am joking, there is a sincerity in what I am saying. Yet, I always feel a tinge of sadness that it is such a laughable concept to agree with and accept a compliment… It reminds me of a post I saw, which is the thought I will leave you with: IN A SOCIETY THAT PROFITS FROM YOUR SELF DOUBT, LIKING YOURSELF IS A REBELLIOUS ACT
So for more details on how to be a REBEL, contact me today! Im just a click-call away…

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