They just haven’t tapped into their greatness yet

You ever have those moments when you’re just mad at the world? Not for any particular reason but you’re just in a mood (ladies you may feel me on this one) . Then the minor things that irritate you seem so much bigger….followed by anyone who even looked at you funny that day….then you start going through The Sh*t List. This is ANYONE who caused you harm, hurt you or mistreated you in ANY way. There maybe images in your head of all of these people. You may even visualise giving them a good telling off…possibly more. Especially when you start reliving the horrid experiences that ‘they’ put you through, the swines! (yes, even us therapists have our moments)
After a bit of ‘processing’ (or ranting) I try to hush the ‘human’, put on my therapist hat and step into my spiritual shoes and ask myself: What are you feeling? Why are you angry? What would my higher self say/do?
It’s usually at that last question I abandon the anger, knowing that if I dwell on it any longer the negativity will come back to me and we don’t want that. It was painful enough the first time around! So I try to search for better words to use when I am confronting them (in my head). I use phrases like ‘ if you weren’t how you are’ which feels better but there is still a part that wants to judge and name call. Then one day the perfect phrase came to me: they just haven’t tapped into their greatness yet. This felt really good! So good I had to share it. Because for the first time I could run a mental list of all the people that I felt had wronged or hurt me, apply this line to them and it fit perfectly. I instantly felt a bit more compassion towards them.

As humans we are all doing the best we can with what we’ve got. If we consider our shadow side, which we all have, as not an evil cloak but a lack of light, then it helps us to be less ‘judgey’. Don’t take it too personally, even if they are TRYING to make it about you, they are simply acting from an unlit spot within them. It’s an extension of themselves. They just haven’t tapped into their greatness yet.

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