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“A problem difficult at night is solved in the morning after the committee of sleep have worked on it “

Sleep deprivation can have a profound effect on life. From the physical lethargy, to the over/under active mind. And then of course there’s the mood swings…

Physically, our bodies do a lot of work when we are asleep such as healing, regulating the digestive system, muscle relaxation as well as the resting of the mind. If these regulatory patterns are broken through lack of sleep, it affects many of these areas.

Emotionally, sleep deprivation can severely affect moods and how you feel about yourself. In severe cases insomnia is linked with depression.

However, it’s okay, all is not lost! Hypnotherapy is largely based on relaxation and enabling the mind to visualise the ideal. Therefore, a combination of reframing and relaxation techniques will help you along your journey to the land of nod …