NLP and hypnotherapy can be very effective in a group setting as it offers peer to peer support and a chance to meet others that experience life in the same way YOU do.


Confidence Group

Lack of confidence and assertiveness can trigger all sorts of negative emotions. It then causes a domino effect that knocks how we feel about ourselves and our behaviour. Often it can be a major obstacle when trying to progress in life.

This 6 week programme will incorporate NLP and hypnotherapy techniques to raise your self esteem and gain control of your life by improving your confidence. Contact me today for locations and dates:

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Anxiety Group

Learn how to manage those emotions that trigger anxiety and stress!

If you feel irritable, unmotivated, anxious or just ‘mad at the world’ then talking about it in a group setting could be just the thing you need.

This 5 week programme aims to reduce stress levels by introducing relaxation ‘tools’ that you can take away with you and access at any time! We will also be looking at mindfulness and how thoughts become ‘things’…

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