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Anxiety and Phobias 

“Don’t worry! It may never happen.”

Although an age old saying, there is a lot of truth in this!

When powerful emotions and reactions are elicited via an event/issue, it is often found that there is a belief or thought process that precedes it. Generally, these beliefs and thoughts tend to be irrational. This can lead to all sorts of negative coping mechanisms such as panic attacks, involuntary outbursts, obsessive compulsions, smoking, nail biting etc.

Using a selection of techniques such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) combined with hypnosis, can be particularly effective. This is because it accelerates the process of changing undesired behaviours and reactions to more productive and freeing ways of being.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve always been scared of the dentist or “creepy crawlies”. Perhaps recent events have induced a phobia of travelling on public transport – whatever it is that’s holding you back from enjoying life to the fullest – you can liberate yourself from it … today!