Focusing on your OWN energy

I have been thinking a about the importance of building the core strength, faith and positive energy, especially when it comes to interactions with others. In the past, I often found my moods changing to match my surroundings, particularly if it is negative.
This was explored in more depth when I did a 2 week intensive drama class, quite some time back…

It was the last day of the course. Everyone had bonded apart from one lady. I thought out of all our classmates she would warm to me as I was friendly AND shared Italian heritage! But alas, no. She wasn’t as enthusiastic as I, to have found a fellow countryman.

The time had come for us to partner up with the person we were going to do our final performance with. All I remember is nipping out for 2 minutes and returning to find that everyone had paired up and my heart sinking down to my shoes when I saw the lady sitting by herself. “This is going to be challenging” I though (amongst other things).

Rehearsals were difficult as I had my own visions of how the play should be and why ‘she’s was not complying with me or the script!! It was only until my drama tutor pulled me aside and said that you cannot change or force your co actor to do it your way, you can show them but you can’t make them. The key is to focus on YOUR performance and the energy YOU give. By focusing on the other actor, you are detracting away from yourself.

I was distracted at first as it was a new way of thinking, but in order for me to give my best, I had to try. I couldn’t let my partner’s energy over take mine… and this is when the journey began.
There were some moments where our great (albeit, opposite) forces synced and harmonised and the result was magical. I noticed that just by focusing on what I was doing, to the best of my ability it kept my core strong. I became a gentle yet powerful influence and she accommodated me. We ended up doing a very memorable performance and I think we surprised some of our fellow classmates that used to give me sympathetic glances during rehearsals.
It was also beautiful to see the transition in my co-star, as she embraced the applause and credits to her performance which meant that she left on a lighter note than when she had started.

Focus on building your own positive energy, as peace means to able to maintain that inner calm and ‘oneness’ even amidst chaos!

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