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About Therapy

“It’s not who we are that holds us back, it’s who we think we are not” 

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

The cognitive model looks at how the individual’s emotions and behaviours are influenced by their perception of events.

By altering the way we think (‘our cognitions’) about these events, the desired outcome can be achieved.

CBT is very much a goal orientated and problem focused therapy, which makes it very quick and successful. This way of working allows the client to be actively involved in moving towards their desired outcome. Sometimes the client may come away with an agreed task to complete in the time between sessions. This is very helpful as it empowers the client to take control and accelerate their progress.

CBT primarily focuses on the now, therefore the client only needs to dip into the past if there is a block in the progress or a need for the client to understand the origins of their presenting problem.

Psychotherapy & Counselling:

As a therapist, I believe being with a client is a journey which we travel on together. Therefore I allow the client to take control as to where they want to ‘go’ in the session (client led). Sometimes people may feel ‘misunderstood’ or ‘unheard’ when facing difficulties. Psychotherapy and counselling are excellent ways to explore emotional difficulties, as it helps to bring about more awareness of the thoughts and feelings that arise on this ‘journey’.

Clients are able to have more awareness of thought patterns that may have contributed to their presenting problem, which can then bring about change by exploring new ways of being or incorporating an intervention i.e. hypnosis.

What to expect from your therapy session:

The first session is introductory for us both to get a feel of what you want help with.
Sessions are 50-60 minutes, with the exception of smoking cessation where sessions are longer.

The amount of time that a client continues to see me is entirely up to the individual; however in my experience the most long standing positive outcomes are more effective after at least 6-8 regular sessions.

I accept emails in between sessions, this is sometimes good if you feel you want to bring something new into therapy but want to share this before a session.

I use texts and phone calls as a way of arranging appointments and emergencies, i.e. notifying me of late arrivals or cancellations.
Please give at least 24hours notice if you wish to cancel a session, otherwise the session hourly rate still applies.